Career center features unique professional resources for jobseekers
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With the launch of the new career center last month, the ISBA is now able to offer some unique new features. A new feature includes professional resources that are now available to help prepare jobseekers for their job searches.

The services include resume writing, to help craft resumés and cover letters; reference checking, to see what references are saying about candidates; and career coaching, for candidates who are looking for advice on where to focus their careers. These services can be found in the jobseekers section of the new career center.

In addition to the new professional resources, jobseekers will be able to register for an account, explore available jobs, set up job alerts and apply for jobs or save jobs for future reference. Career center users who register for an account and upload a resumé can elect to make it searchable for hiring employers or store it for future job applications.

Job-seeking members are encouraged to register for an account on the new site. To begin the process, visit the new site at For questions regarding the new career center, contact Zach Zuber at 515-697-7864 or