Voice your thoughts on topics for upcoming BOG meeting
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This week provides a window of opportunity for expressing your views to your representatives on the ISBA Board of Governors about a couple of items that the BOG will act on at its Sept. 18 meeting in Iowa City.

One of the items is preserving the Federal Public Service Student Loan Forgiveness program which allows attorneys who make 120 monthly payments on their student loans while employed full-time in public service jobs to have the remaining debt forgiven. The ISBA Board of Governors will discuss and vote on a resolution to preserve the PSLF in its current status, and to ask President Bruce Walker and Executive Director Dwight Dinkla to communicate the ISBA’s support to Iowa’s congressional delegation.

According to the American Bar Association, the U.S. House of Representatives earlier this year adopted a proposed FY2016 budget resolution that recommends elimination of the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program created in 2007. While that proposal was not made formally part of the final budget resolution, lawmakers who oppose the program continue to support its repeal. (More information about congressional action and what you can do about it is available on the ABA website.)

Another item to be acted on by the governors is a proposed reformatting of the ISBA-copyrighted forms used by attorneys for such cases as power of attorney, leasing agreements, etc. The Iowa Legal Forms Committee is recommending, among other changes, the removal of all form borders, a consistent typeface of 12-point Times New Roman for all static and variable text, adjusted margins to comply with EDMS and county recorder standards, a month-day-year format for all dates unless an alternate format is required, and justified text in paragraphs. The reformatting is needed to provide a more professional, consistent look for all forms, according to the committee. To view a sample of a new formatted form, visit here.

A list of all governors by district, as well as ISBA officers, can be found on page 4 of the Iowa Lawyer magazine. The list includes each governor’s and officer’s phone number and email address. An online version of the magazine is available here, or by going to the "Publications” tab on the ISBA website and clicking on "Iowa Lawyer Magazine.” If you wish to express your views via email, simply click on the email address in the online version and a new email message form will open.