Archived listserv postings now available for probate, real estate sections
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Members of the Probate, Trust & Estate Planning and the Real Estate and Title Law sections can  now search postings on the section listservs as far back as 2007. The two sections are the first to receive the archived postings.

"We will be expanding to several of the more active lists in the near future,” says Harry Shipley, ISBA assistant executive director.


A search button on the page allows members to type in keywords for the subject they are seeking. Hitting "Search” again brings up all of the postings – both the initial question and the responses – containing those key words. The list shows the date/time of the post, the person posting and the subject of the post.

Now that the system is set up, all future posts are automatically deposited into the database, Shipley says.

To see the archives in action, click here for the Probate, Trust and Estate Planning section, and here for the Real Estate and Title Law section. You can also go to the respective section web pages on the ISBA website and click on the archive link under the sub-heading, "Section Listserv Archives."