2015 ISBA Annual Meeting to feature timely, unique experiences for attendees
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The 2015 ISBA Annual Meeting offers attendees more than the opportunity to update their practical skills through in-depth discussions on new statutes and case laws; judges, attorneys and court reporters have unique opportunities to experience the work of and interact with nationally distinguished thought leaders and remarkable storytellers.

Monday afternoon, June 15, all attendees are invited to see author and former professor James Loewen, Ph.D., for his keynote speech to the Iowa Judges Association. Loewen documented how race relations deteriorated after the Civil War and will direct his remarks to Iowa’s history and how it impacts Iowans today. Later in the afternoon, Loewen will discuss his research on race relations in a "non-touchy-feely” seminar.

Tuesday afternoon, June 16, any attendee may watch a one-hour play, "Map of My Kingdom,” presented by Mary Swander, Iowa’s Poet Laureate, as part of the probate track. Swander is the co-founder of Agarts, a national group designed to explore the intersection of the arts and agriculture.

Wednesday morning, June 17, Kitty Williams will tell her story of miraculously surviving an Auschwitz labor camp and imprisonment as part of the court reporters track. Immediately afterwards, all attendees are invited to take a guided tour of the Iowa Holocaust Memorial.

To see the complete schedule, view the official 2015 ISBA Annual Meeting program here or download the free 2015 Annual Meeting App here. Register no later than June 11 for the early bird discount. For more information on registration, click here.