Annual meeting contest to feature ISBA-member basketball stars
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This year’s annual meeting organizers have devised a contest to recognize ISBA members who played basketball in the state tournaments in Veterans Memorial Auditorium. The goal is to tie the past Vet’s Auditorium, as most Iowans know it, with its reincarnated self as the Community Choice Credit Union Convention Center that will be the home for the 2014 Annual Meeting.

To make the contest work, however, organizers need your help. Would any of you who have a photo of your state tournament team be willing to scan the photo to make a digital copy and send that copy to the association?

The photos will be posted on the ISBA website. Members then will have the opportunity to identify the ISBA member, or members, in the photos and submit their choices to the association. Obviously, the members who submit photos won’t be able to submit their own names for their photos.

A week or so before the annual meeting, which is being held from June 16-19, the winners will be announced and the members in the photos will be identified on the website and via this newsletter. Winners will receive prizes.

Submit your photos via email to: with the words "Annual Meeting Contest” in the subject line. Please identify yourself in the photo you submit in case no one on the ISBA staff can identify you.