Share your experiences with ADR and LSR in family practice
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The ISBA Communications Department is exploring opportunities to publish articles related to emerging trends in family law practice. Attorneys are invited to share their experiences with the alternative dispute resolution methods they utilize in the context of family law. Input is also needed from attorneys who engage in limited scope representation in the context of their family law practices. 


More specifically, the editors of the Iowa Lawyer Magazine and the Iowa Lawyer Weekly are interested in learning more about how the following are beneficial in attorneys’ family law practices: 

  • Mediation;
  • Collaborative law; and
  • Limited scope representation.

Attorneys who engage in elder mediation are welcome to share their insights as well.


To submit your practice experiences, email and include "Family Law – ADR & LSR” in the email subject line. Please include your full name, a short bio and one to two paragraphs that address this request. In addition, if you want to provide other input related to this request, please do. All information received will be taken into consideration. Priority will be given to responses received no later than February 26.