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According to a recent article from the American Bar Association’s Bar Leader e-newsletter, bar associations across the nation are beginning to feel the pinch of a membership trend that has only begun to affect bottom lines. With older attorneys retiring and fewer students attending law school, bar associations are paying closer attention to age demographics and looking for solutions to protect their futures.


The ISBA maintains around an 86 percent membership rate in the state of Iowa. However, the number of incoming attorneys falls short from numbers in years past.


"Even if we were able to recruit every single newly-admitted attorney, we still wouldn’t be able to match the numbers of attorneys getting ready to leave the profession here in Iowa,” said ISBA Assistant Executive Director Harry Shipley. He went on to say that he is testing different strategies to ensure newly-admitted attorneys find value in the association.


"We are beginning to offer greater benefits to our younger attorneys,” Shipley said, "by offering free online CLE to members with five or fewer years of practice, and younger attorneys are receiving ISBA services at reduced rates or free all together.”


ISBA staff will continue to test different strategies, but in the end look to member volunteers to assist in spreading the message of value offered by the ISBA. Those interested in volunteering to champion the cause are encouraged to contact Shipley at the ISBA office.