Updated probate manual now available
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The 2015 Probate, Trust and Estate Planning Law Manual, which has been updated from the last edition published in 2013, is now available in the ISBA’s online store. Much has changed since the last publication, and the new edition incorporates updates resulting from case law and legislation through the year 2015.


The manual is designed to render assistance on a practical level and, if properly used, to reduce the amount of time the attorney must spend on the routine, repetitive matters present in the administration of every estate. This allows the attorney to spend a greater proportion of available time on those estate matters which require the exercise of judgment, experience and legal training. It is not designed to be a scholarly treatise on the substantive law for the administration of decedents' estates.


The manual also provides checklists to alert attorneys to deadlines, elections and alternate procedures in an effort to avoid problems in probating an estate. It contains the word "Duty” in red letters alongside those functions that must be performed. And, it contains the phrase "Best Practice” in purple type to identify the best court procedure determined by the Clerk’s Manual Committee as approved by State Court Administration. In addition, highlighted sections call the user’s attention to updates in the 2015 edition. And the term "New Practice” highlighted in purple identifies those practices that have been added to the current edition.


To purchase a copy of the manual, click here (must be logged into the ISBA website) or visit the ISBA Online Store at the "Store” tab at the top of the ISBA homepage, click on "Practice Manuals,” then click on "2015 Probate, Trust and Estate Planning Manual.”