Remember to turn over your ballot and vote on Iowa’s judges

By Jerry Schnurr, ISBA President

The Iowa State Bar Association’s Fair and Impartial Courts Committee, and I personally, would like to remind all ISBA members to turn over your ballot and vote on Iowa’s judges and justices up for retention in the 2020 election.

The Des Moines Register published a letter to the editor from myself and the Committee Chairman Guy Cook on why we believe, no matter your political stripes or personal opinions on rulings, a “yes” vote on retention is crucial to maintaining Iowa’s long-standing tradition of fair and impartial courts and upholding our state’s merit-based judicial selection system. We urge you to read the letter and share it in your social circles or on social media.


2020 Judicial Performance Review results released

The Iowa State Bar Association has released the results of its performance evaluation of the 95 judges standing for retention in this year’s November general election. The ISBA biennially conducts a survey of its attorney members and compiles the results to give voters information on which to base their decisions about keeping a judge on the bench. Full results of the 2020 Judicial Performance Review are available here. Learn more information by visiting

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