Some popular lawyer websites impacted by ‘Heartbleed’ security flaw
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The ABA Journal Law News Now online publication reported Monday (April 14) that a number of websites popular with lawyers are vulnerable to the Heartbleed security flaw. Quoting a post from Robert Ambrogi, attorney, writer and media consultant, on his LawSites website, some of the common sites are Dropbox, Google and Yahoo, as well as more specific law-related sites such as Estate Map, MyCase and Clio.

According to Ambrogi, most of the sites affected have now installed patches to fix the problem. Clio, for example, posted a notice on its website saying that its infrastructure team "worked tirelessly” to patch and secure all systems affected by the Heartbleed bug. The work was completed on April 9.

"While we have no evidence that customer information was compromised as a result of the Heartbleed vulnerability, as a precaution we strongly recommend that our customers reset their passwords immediately,” the company wrote in its post.

Aaron Street, writing in the Lawyerist on April 11, explains what Heartbleed is, how it happened and what to do about it. He, as with Ambrogi and other technology experts, recommends changing your passwords on the vulnerable sites as soon as possible.