Federal Courts propose amendments to respective rules and forms
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The Judicial Conference Advisory Committees on Appellate, Bankruptcy, Civil, and Criminal Rules have proposed amendments to their respective rules and forms Aug. 15. The courts request that proposals be circulated to the bench, bar, and public for comment.

The proposed amendments, Rules Committee reports explaining the proposed changes, and other information are posted on the judiciary’s website here. The public comment period ends February 17, 2015.

In this period of government fiscal austerity and to promote the use of the internet and other information technologies, the Rules Committee Support Office has eliminated printing pamphlets containing the proposed amendments, but will continue both to send notifications and to post the information online in a printable format. Questions regarding this matter can be sent to the Rules Committee Support Office at 202-502-1820 or via e-mail at Rules_Support@ao.uscourts.gov.