Elections open for district judicial nominating commissioners
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The district judicial nominating commissioner election voting period is now open until 11:59 p.m. Jan. 31. A total of 15 attorney positions are open in each of Iowa’s 14 judicial election subdistricts. The election will be conducted electronically and is completely confidential.


With the exception of judicial election district 5C, all districts are to elect one eligible elector. The person to be elected in Districts 1A, 1B, 3A, 3B, 5A, 5B and 7 shall be a female; the person to be elected in Districts 2A, 2B, 4, 6, 8A and 8B shall be a male. The eligible resident members in District 5C are to elect two electors; one shall be a male and one shall be a female. See Iowa Code §46.4 and 602.11111(3)(2015) for procedural details. Members of the district judicial nominating commissions serve six-year terms.


The following lawyers filed nominating petitions and will appear on the ballot:

Stephanie Fueger (1A)

Whitney Schiller (1A)

Nina Forcier (1B)

Brian Miller (2A)

Joel Yunek (2A)

Stuart Cochrane (2B)

Jonathan Holscher (2B)

John Jordan (2B)

Benjamin Smith (2B)

Abby Walleck (3A)

Jennifer Wippert (3A)

Jennifer Zupp (3B)

Gregory Barntsen (4)

Thomp "T.J." Pattermann (4)

Ashley Grieser (5A)

Meggan Guns (5A)

Loretta Harvey (5B)

Kevin Driscoll (5C)

Gerald "Jake" Feuerhelm (5C)

Sarah Kouri (5C)

Ann Smisek (5C)

Donald Stanley, Jr. (5C)

Coreen Sweeney (5C)

Brooke Timmer (5C)

Tammy Westhoff Gentry (5C)


Jacob Koller (6)

Darin Luneckas (6)

Raymond Stefani II (6)

Mark Thompson (6)

Jennie Clausen (7)

Korie Shippee (7)

Timothy Dille (8A)

Paul Gandy(8A)

Dustin Hite (8A)

Ryan Mitchell (8A)

John Webber III (8A)

Ross Braden (8B)

Nicholas Pothitakis (8B)


To cast a ballot, attorneys should first log into their accounts on the Office of Professional Regulation website at www.iacourtcommissions.org. Then, locate the menu item "Judicial Nominating Elections,” clicking the menu button "Vote in Current Election,” and selecting "January 31, 2016” from the drop-down box. From there, attorneys should make their selections and click "Cast Ballot” to submit their votes.


Questions about the voting procedure should be directed to dist.nominating.commis@iowcourts.gov or 515-281-5241.